Collaborative art projects in the Red Centre

18th November 2015
In 2013, 2014, and 2015 I worked as Artist in Residence at Nyangatjatjara College, which comprises three Indigenous secondary schools in the Northern Territory: Yulara; Imanpa; and Kaltukatjara (Docker River); and now includes the Primary school at Docker river. I ran art workshops/lessons with secondary school students and painted a collaborative mural at each school.
I returned in 2014, and worked with students at Imanpa to help expand their drawing and design skills, and painted another mural at Docker river campus.
In 2015 I spent ALL my allotted time at the newly reopened Primary school at Docker River. I worked with the juniors on the door of their classroom and on the concrete pipes in their play area. The older students helped to design and paint the rest of the doors. The effect was to transform the look of the school and make it a more welcoming and vibrant place. Many thanks to the Community; children; and to the hardworking staff who keep the school running and make it a place that 40-50 kids WANT to come to every day.

Docker River Campus mural designed and painted with students and local artists:

Second mural painted in 2014

With the students being one year older there is already a noticeably greater degree of sophistication in this recent effort!

Imanpa Campus mural painted with local artists and community:


Yulara College Campus mural painted with students:
First layer:

..and finished:

Art at Docker River (Kaltukatjara) Primary school 2015